D-MDR 3000

Rotorless, dynamical rotational shear Vulcameter with a closed test chamber systemmdr3000tisch_beleuchtet.jpg

  • The D-MDR 3000 is designed for measuring the viscoelastic properties of polymers and elastomeric compounds before, during and after cure. The acquired data is giving exact information about the processability, the cure characteristics, the cure speed, as well as the behaviour of the compound at the after-cure.
  • The D-MDR 3000 fulfils the complete range
    of all test requirements:
    Polymer or raw materials as well as basic, finished and cured compounds can be characterized. Besides the cure properties the cure characteristic and the processability can be determined and evaluated too.
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Technical specifications
International standards
ISO 6502 / ASTM D 5289 / ASTM D 6204 / ASTM D 6601 / DIN 53529
Test chamber
Biconical, closed System
Test chamber gap 0,45 mm nominal
Force measurement
Torque transducer mounted at the upper test chamber
Closing system Soft closing to prevent foil rips and damage of test samples
Oscillation frequency 0,001 Hz - 100 Hz
Oscillation amplitude variable
Torque range
0,01 to 225 dNm
Sample volume ca. 4,5 cm³
Temperature control system
30 °C to 240 °C, precision +/- 0,03 °C both microprocessor controlled
Temperature check system
Recordings of the temperature gradient on the screen, microprocessor monitored
Units of measure
Torque (dNm, lbf.in, kgf.cm)
Shear modulus (Pa, dynes/cm², psi)
Dynamic viscosity (Pa s)
Temperature (°C, °F)
Pressure (bar, kg per cm²)
Time (min - min / min - sec)
Frequency (Hz, cpm)
Shear rate (1/s, rad/s)
Amplitude Sweep, frequency Sweep, temperature Sweep, shear rate Sweep, relaxation, retardation, hysteresis, tensile tests, ...
Pneumatics min. 5 Bar
Electrical Single phase 220 V - 230 V, 8 Amps

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